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Health Care

 There are 210 million orphans in the world; it’s about time we start giving them love. 'Elim Hope Home' our orphanage is always bringing in street children and orphan children to take care of, and we need YOUR help. With $32 a month you can give your child love, and a better future. $32 a month provides your child with ALL their physical … [Read more...]


Children are the world’s future. The more we invest in them, the better our world will be in the future, it’s as simple as that. Assisting children in better lives, and future is our major objective. We have an orphanage, Elim Hope Home in southeast India.  We bring the forgotten children of India; street children & orphans to our orphanage. … [Read more...]


We need more People who believe in brining hope to this world. We are a growing organization, and could use any kind of support. Whether you would like to donate your time, your skills, or financially, we are always looking for volunteers.  We are currently looking for people who would like to join with us, and help spread the ANCER to your town, … [Read more...]

Breaking The Cycle.

Help Needed to Break the Endless Cycle of Poverty. Though much of the world is advancing, and moving forward, there are still many people who are not. villages across India (& worldwide) are not developing, or moving as fast as the rest of the world. Looking at the health care in villages is very depressing. Many villagers do not understand … [Read more...]