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Health Care

We want to provide an ‘ANCER’ to third world countries health care problems.

lepro2syLeprosy is not a medieval disease. The disease is still very prominent, and India has the most recorded leprosy cases in the world.

We at ANCER want to help the many leprosy patients who do not have the hands, and feet to help themselves (literally). This horrific Leprosydisease eats away their fingers, toes, and other body parts. Leaving them helpless, alone, rejected from society, and forced to live in colonies designated only for lepers, usually located in the outskirts of towns. We support leprosy colonies in India. Providing them food, and medicines when needed.

It costs $500 a month to support 1 leprosy colony. If you or your organization would like to help support a colony please contact us at info@worldancer.org

Everybody wants good health, but some people just cannot afford it.  Not even a simple blood pressure check. We conduct free medical camps in India for the poor, and underprivileged. Many doctors, and nurses volunteer their time to provide care for the less fortunate. Are you are interested in helping us with a medical camp? Contact us at info@worldancer.organcer 2291