Drew Lock Jersey  Breaking The Cycle.

Breaking The Cycle.

Help Needed to Break the Endless Cycle of Poverty.

Though much of the world is advancing, and moving forward, there are still many people who are not. villages across India (& worldwide) are not developing, or moving as fast as the rest of the world. Looking at the health care in villages is very depressing. Many villagers do not understand what AIDS is, or how they contract the disease.  AIDS is rampant in small villages  and yet people do not understand the cause, or consequences. We are not just dealing with a disease, but we are also dealing with ignorance.

Leprosy is another disease that is still a very prominent disease in villages. There are still leprosy colonies in remote areas of India, where only leprosy patients reside. Most leprosy patients, and their families are dis-communicated from their towns, and sent away to live in the leprosy colonies. Though many family members of a leprosy patient may not have contracted the disease, they are still considered untouchables, and have to live a life of seclusion, and despair.  Though we are living in the 21st century, the era of smart phones, and world wide communication, there are still many many people who are living in a backwards state of mind, and situations. A backward state that is caused by literacy.

Which leads us to our next problem, education. The education in villages is beyond pathetic. Most villagers do not study past the 4th-5th grade. Many young girls are married by the young age of 13, and many boys at 15. Though it may be illegal throughout the country of India  it is not considered taboo in villages. Many villager do not believe child marriage to be “illegal”, once they hit the teenage years. Children are getting married, and starting a life without an education. Not sure how to live in this world, or move past the poverty line. UNLESS they make a strong decision to break off from the cycle, and pursue an education.

These are some of the problems that ANCER is trying to change, aid, and bring awareness too.  There are many many organizations that are trying to end poverty, and many people are probably wondering why so many? But the truth of the matter is, poverty is a very big battle to fight, and cannot be won very quickly. There must be dedication, understanding, and patience to change many ignorant, uneducated minds, and poverty struck situations.