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We need more People who believe in brining hope to this world. We are a growing organization, and could use any kind of support. Whether you would like to donate your time, your skills, or financially, we are always looking for volunteers.  We are currently looking for people who would like to join with us, and help spread the ANCER to your town, or community. If you would like to find out more information about volunteering please contact us at info@worldancer.org

Give Back:Our story is about reaching the lost, hurting, broken, and lonely. Providing them hope, strength, love, and a future. Not everyone can volunteer or go on the mission field so we ask you to make a pledge with ANCER to strengthen our efforts. People will never be free until we collectively reach out to them.

Give back and join hands with us to give Hope, Strength, Love, and a brighter Future.

You are an extension of our mission to reach All Nations.


    Please email us for more information- info@worldancer.org


If you would like to give back into our mission make checks payable to “ANCER” and mail to:


P.O.Box 484

Leola, PA, 17540

Or in India


4-1-31 Main Road

Mandapeta, Andhra Pradesh, India