ancer 2270Children are the world’s future. The more we invest in them, the better our world will be in the future, it’s as simple as that. Assisting children in better lives, and future is our major objective.

We have an orphanage, Elim Hope Home in southeast India.  We bring the forgotten children of India; street children & orphans to our orphanage. We provide them hope, love, and a better life.

IMG_7596Gateway Public school is our way of changing the future. Our school provides underprivileged children a chance at an education, a chance at a brighter destiny, and promising future.

We started a scholarship fund ‘End Illiteracy Scholarship’. All money donated to this fund will give underprivileged  and orphan children a free education, stationary, uniforms, and lunch each day.  Find out more at :

Education is the most powerful weapon which you can use to change the world.” 

~ Nelson Mandela